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Mental Invest is engaged in the organization of interaction of owners of considerable sums of money and representatives of authorities of the offshore States. We take all the trouble, providing customers with first-class service. They have absolutely no need to worry about the safety of their assets.

Our plan:

We are constantly striving to improve the service and to expand the list of services provided. Very soon our clients will be able to work not only with cash, but also with real estate.

Our mission:

To save successful businessmen from the yoke of the tax authorities, because taxes are excessive payments.

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The legitimacy of such an activity is often a big question, therefore, turning to illegal intermediaries, customers often risk losing all their money. But this is not our case.


Few can offer full support when conducting transactions. Our experts will not only take care of the legal aspects, but also provide full control of their assets by the client. In addition, financial analysts for a certain period will monitor the economic and political situation in countries, notifying the client of any important events.


With the increase in state control over the distribution of assets, owners of significant capital have problems associated with the law. Taxes, reports on the origin of funds - few will refuse to get rid of them.


Investments in the support of transactions on offshore accounts provide for minimal risks. The activities are carried out in accordance with the law, and the absence of production costs allows you to maximize profits.


The minimum deposit amount attracts even beginner investors who are not yet ready for independent activity. For them, this is an opportunity to get high interest rates with minimal effort.


This item stems from the "accessibility", because for the user to start work it is enough to carry out only a few simple steps, from registration to deposit to balance.

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